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Restaurant Brands in the Supermarket

Have you noticed how many restaurant names are showing up on products in supermarkets?

What are Restaurant Branded Products (Grocerants)?

More and more restaurant chains are reaching out to their customers in an unexpected place: the supermarket aisles. Restaurant Branded (ready to eat coined "grocerant") Products are not a new concept. Consumers have been able to buy a select few of their favorite restaurant staples for quite some time. You may be familiar with such brands as Taco Bell and TGI Fridays on grocery shelves. This growing trend at the supermarket is an interesting development for consumers. Restaurant branded retail products range from salsa and dressing to burgers and pizza.

A large portion of the current wave of products are in the freezer section of the supermarket. Gone are the days of bland and boring TV dinners . The new grocery products offer restaurant quality,taste, and that consumers enjoy in the comfort of their own home for a fraction of the cost of. dining out. Grocerant Products are here to stay and the future looks promising for even more options as the line between restaurant and food retailers blur.

Why are restaurants going into retail?

Many restaurants have a signature dish or condiment that patrons want to purchase for consumption at home. The process of taking a brand to retail is quite complicated so restaurants license their brands to grocery manufacturers.

In the past, restaurant chains have balked at licensing because they feared selling their products in the grocery store would cut into profits. With the recent downturn in the economy they turned to retail aisles for another source of income to increase revenue. Some chains began developing grocery items before the recession started to increase brand recognition and found that prepackage food helped offset some of the loss in traffic to their restaurants.

Consumers and retailers have embraced these products because shoppers want to bring the restaurant experience home and grocers know consumers are more likely to buy a brand they already like over one they don't know.

Restaurants that have products in supermarkets

Some foodservice brands are already mainstays in supermarket aisles.. What kind of foods are these restaurant brands offering their loyal customers?

Are consumer's buying RBPs?

One estimate is that up to 85% of consumers are aware of national restaurant brands in the supermarket. In a recent study, 77 percent of people indicated having bought restaurant branded products from the grocery store. Shoppers are smart and understand that dining out verses eating at home are totally different experiences.The shopper standing in front of the freezer case to buy a grocerant product wants a similar taste and quality to the brand listed on the packaging. A brand's version of its freshly served restaurant counterpart may suffer somewhat in terms of taste but that is a compromise customers are willing to accept for the convenience these products provide.

Restaurant driven prepared foods have had a hit or miss success in the retail marketplace over the years. Restaurant branded grocerant products are no fad as more brands are developing products for retail the consumer will see microwavable meals of their favorite dishes from restaurant menus available in their local freezer aisle.

Are RPBs worth the money?

It has become more and more common to see restaurant branded products on grocery store shelves. How do the supermarket versions compare to the dish you get at the restaurant? The experts at Consumer Reports did a comparison and found that some of the frozen foods resembled their restaurant counterparts and some did not. Some of the food tasted decent but different to the restaurant dish. Even when the taste was similiar, the frozen versions weren't as good as foods of the same name when they were freshly cooked in a restaurant.

A few of the most successful brands were Starbucks, California Pizza, Dunkin Donuts, TGI Friday's and Taco Bell. The intent of this article is to provide information. Why not give a few of the products a try and you be the judge as to whether they are worth your money.
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