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Grilled Ribeye with Shanghai Noodles

P.F. Chang's China Bistro Recipe

Serves 4

1 pound Shanghai noodles, egg-based
4 (8 oz.) ribeye steaks, 1 inch cut
1 pound broccoli florets
1 large white onion, julienne cut
2 tablespoons garlic, minced
2 tablespoons fresh ginger, minced
1 teaspoon dried chili flakes
1/4 cup soy sauce
1 cup hoisin sauce
1/4 cup dry white wine
3 ounces butter,unsalted
4 tablespoons soy bean oil
1/4 cup fresh squeezed orange juice
salt and pepper to taste

Marinade:  Combine the hoisin, orange juice and soy sauce with a whisk and reserve. In a small bowl, combine  ginger,  chili flakes and garlic with 2 tablespoons soy bean oil. Add salt and pepper to the  mixture and combine well.  Add rib eye steaks to marinade and refrigerate for 2 hours.

Noodles and Broccoli:  While steaks are marinating, blanch the noodles and broccoli. Bring large pot of water to a boil.  Place the broccoli in a wire basket and cook for about 4 minutes at a slow boil. Remove from pot  and place in ice water to stop the cooking process. Let sit in ice bath for a couple minutes until chilled. In the same pot, cook Shanghai noodles until al dente, about 5 or 6 minutes. Remove and pour into colander. Once the excess water is removed, place the noodles on a sheet tray, and lightly coat  with soy bean oil, being sure to move the noodles to prevent them from sticking. Let cool to room  temperature, moving occasionally.

Beef:  Remove beef from refrigerator and allow to come to room temperature for about 5 minutes before cooking. Season with salt and pepper. In a very hot oiled saute pan, place the steaks and let cook  for 5 minutes on each side (to medium-rare).

Sauce:  While the steaks are cooking, place 1 tablespoon of soy bean oil in a warm saute pan and sweat the onions with 1 teaspoon of garlic, ginger and chili flakes. Once the onions are translucent, add the  white wine and allow to reduce by 3/4. Add hoisin mixture and stir. Let simmer for 3-4 minutes then  add noodles. Toss the noodles with the sauce and allow the noodles to get hot, about 4 minutes. Add  the blanched broccoli and continue to cook until noodles and broccoli are hot. Add the butter and  continue to toss until noodles and broccoli are coated.

To Serve: Divide the noodles unto four separate plates. Place the beef on a cutting board and cut into thin strips. Lay the rib eye slices on top of the noodles.
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